Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems




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CityNet 19th European Junior Scientist Workshop



The following papers have been presented during the
CityNet 19th European Junior Scientist Workshop on Process Data and Integrated Urban Water Modelling held in Meaux-la-Montagne, France on 11-14 March 2004.


Workshop final report
Synthetic final report on the Workshop


Workshop papers

Westerlund C., Hernebring C., Viklander M. : Modelling of snowmelt from a small urban catchment - Dynamics of road runoff and suspended solid transport

Henckens G.J.R. and Clemens F.H.L.R. : Design and optimisation of monitoring networks in urban drainage

Biegel M., Schanze J., Krebs P. : Improved resolution in urban water modelling for large river basins

Francey M., Deletic A.B., Fletcher T.D. , Duncan H.P. : Monitoring of stormwater runoff in Melbourne

Caletkova J., Fatka P. : Methodology of ecological discharges assessment in small streams in urban environment

Ramón G., Escaler I., Verdejo JM. Data acquisition in a combined sewer system

Hafskjold L.S., Konig A., Saegrov S., Schilling W. Improved assessment of sewer pipe condition

Winkler S., Gruber G. and Pressl A. An integrated water quality monitoring network

Baur R., Zielichowski-Haber W., Kropp I. : Statistical analysis of inspection data for the asset management in sewer networks

Rodriguez F., Morena F., Andrieu H. : Development of a distributed hydrological model based on urban databanks - Production processes of URBS

Klinger J., Wolf L. : Using the UVQ model for sustainability assessment of the urban water system

Hamioud F., Joannis C., Ragot J. : Statistical modelling for validation of data issued from the sewer networks

Langeveld J.G. , Clemens F.H.L.R. and Henckens G.J.R. : Integrated modelling and data needs: quantification based on the interactions within the wastewater system

Ruysschaert F. : Monitoring tools and program for modelling subsurface flows through the bed of a stream receiving urban storm-water runoffs

Benedetti L., Blumensaat F. , Bönisch G., Krebs P., Vanrolleghema P.A. : Systems Analysis of urban wastewater systems - two systematic approaches to analyse a complex system

Raduly B., Capodaglio A.G. and Vaccari D.A. : Empirical modelling of wastewater treatment processes - - An approach to model reduction and integration

Haidar H., Le Gauffre.P. : Multi-criteria model for annual rehabilitation planning of water supply networks: sensitivity analysis and impacts of the quantity of data

De Toffol S. , Engelhard C. , Achleitner S. , Rauch W. : Needs for integrated modelling from the point of view of the European Water Framework Directive implementation

Wolf L. : Integrating Leaky Sewers into numerical groundwater models

Ugarelli R., Maglionico M. : Reliability of a water supply system in quantity and quality terms

Mandy R., Franz T., Krebs P. : Field data to estimate infiltration into sewer systems

Mourad M., Bertrand-Krajewski J.L., Chebbo G. Calibration and validation of multiple regression models for stormwater quality prediction: data partitioning, effect of data sets size and characteristics

Rieckermann J., Bares V., Braun D., Kracht O., Prigiobbe V., Gujer W. Assessing exfiltration from sewers with dynamic analysis of tracer experiments