Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems









DHI HYDROINFORM a.s., Prague (Czech Republic)

HYDROINFORM a.s. is known as a dynamic company dealing with consultancy and expert opinions in the water management and environment fields. HYDROINFORM a. s. is a partner of the DHI - Institute for Water and Environment. The main activities of the company can be characterised as follows: consultancy and expertise in water management and protection of the environment, development and application of Decision Support Systems, design and development of software packages and software tools (databases, information systems and dynamic models) in its fields of expertise, application of mathematical models and hydroinformatics tools, master planning in rural and urban areas, data collection and data processing, evaluation activities in the field of hydraulic structures by 2D and/or 3D mathematical models, preparing and conducting regular monitoring programs and/or non-regular measurement campaigns for collection of special parameters.

Hydroinform has extended contacts within the large group of similar companies and consultants engaged in advanced hydroinformatics throughout the world, primarily through the partner network of the DHI - Institute for Water and Environment. We co-operate with well established companies in software design. We have recently been involved in application projects outside the Czech Republic. Our major foreign partners include DHI (Sweden), WRc (Great Britain), DHI (Denmark), BOSS International (USA), Science Technology (USA), CITEC (Poland), PRONING DHI (Croatia), Delft Engineering software a Software International (The Netherlands), VOLGA (Russia), HYDRODATA Spa (Italy), SCC Provea and UHC (Sweden), Oranjewoud
(The Netherlands), Hidro-standarts (Latvia), etc.).


Evzen Zeman
DHI Hydroinform a.s.
Na Vrsich 5
100 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Tel: + 420 2 71 73 48 02
Fax: + 420 2 71 73 69 12