Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems









EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology), Department of Environmental Engineering, Duebendorf (Switzerland)

EAWAG (Swiss Federal Institute for Aquatic Science and Technology) is closely associated with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and is internationally among the leading multidisciplinary institutes in aquatic science and technology. It is well equipped and occupies over 170 permanent staff members from natural, social and engineering sciences. Together with over 150 additional scientific collaborators (Master students, 90 doctoral students, post doctoral fellows) this creates a lively scientific environment. EAWAG's task as the national research centre for water pollution control is to ensure that concepts and technologies pertaining to the use of natural waters are continuously improved. EAWAG is actively involved in the 'Alliance for Global Sustainability' (ETH, MIT, Tokyo University).

The Department of Environmental Engineering of EAWAG includes experts from process engineering, systems analysis, urban hydrology and water resources management. It has a pronounced expertise in integrated analysis of urban water management and plays an internationally leading role in modelling of biological processes in wastewater treatment. The department has a major impact in the introduction of new technologies in the area of urban discharge as well as in wastewater and drinking water treatment in Switzerland. In recent years, the department has taken up the topic of sustainable urban water management. This involves conceptual work as well as the development of specific methodologies and technologies.


Prof. Dr. Willi Gujer
Environmental Engineering EAWAG
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