Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems









HYDROPROJEKT a.s., Prague (Czech Republic)

Hydroprojekt is a leading multidisciplinary Czech consulting firm, which was established in 1952. Hydroprojekt belongs to the Dorsch Group of Companies, and consequently to the EGIS Group of Companies. Hydroprojekt has a long experience and reputation in planning, implementation, and management of a wide variety of mainly hydropower, water supply, waste water management, solid waste management, irrigation, and large scale environmental projects.

Hydroprojekt carries out consulting, design, and management services for hydraulic projects with professional skills ranging from civil, mechanical and electrical engineering to architecture, site management and investment financing. Hydroprojekt has got co-operation with a number of significant international research institutes, banks and suppliers. The Company has also become active in the areas of mathematical modelling, hydroinformatics, master planning, water management planning and staff training, construction supervision, project management and turnkey construction management as well.

Contact: Vladimir Havlik
Hydroprojekt a.s.
Taborska 31
140 16 Prague
Czech Republic
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