Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems









INSA de LYON (National Institute of Applied Sciences),
Civil Engineering Research Unit (URGC-Hydrologie Urbaine), Villeurbanne (France)

Created in 1957, INSA de Lyon (National Institute of Applied Sciences) is a governmental higher education institution, with 800 graduates per year in 10 different specialised fields, 700 postgraduates students, 30 research laboratories and 24 nationally accredited PhD programs. The URGC (Civil Engineering Research Unit) has a staff of 26 faculty members and 50 PhD students. Its 4 main fields of activities are:

  • materials and processes engineering
  • industrial structures
  • interaction between water, building and natural environment
  • urban works and networks.

The " URGC - Hydrologie urbaine " laboratory is involved in the last two fields, and works on drinking water networks and sewer systems, on interactions between water and the city, on alternative stormwater techniques, on methods (systemic analysis, decision support…), on modelling of flow and pollutants in
sewer systems, and on field experimentation (metrology).


URGC Hydrologie Urbaine
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