Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems






National Research Council



National Research Council, Water Research Institute (Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque IRSA - CNR), Rome (Italy)

Founded in 1968, the Water Research Institute is an integral unit of the National Research Council with its headquarters in Rome and two detached laboratories, respectively in Bari (water technology and hydrogeology and hydrology) and in Brugherio-Milan (water biology and toxicology). Its actual staff is 120 persons, 50 of them with professional researcher qualification.

The Institute's research program concerns studies in hydrology, hydrogeology, water supply, and water pollution. A specific research area concerns water supply and water resources management including studies in surface water resources, groundwater resources, hydrology, geostatistical techniques. Another field of research is devoted to the study of water pollution and water quality, including the effects of pollutants analyses of representative water bodies (rivers, lakes, and coastal waters), and the development of new analytical methods for water quality evaluation. Experimental research on wastewater treatment, including sludge characterisation and disposal, is also in the Institute's activity. The Institute acts also as a research references body for the Italian government, for the regional administrations and for river authorities, providing scientific support in the country's policy of water resources management, environmental protection and water legislation.

The Institute is a member of EURAQUA network.


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