Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems






National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC)



National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC), Hydraulics Department, Lisbon (Portugal)

The National Laboratory of Civil Engineering in Lisbon is the most important Portuguese research institute in the field of civil engineering and related areas, established in 1947, with an important activity in Portugal and abroad.

The Hydraulics Department is one of the operational sectors and develops research activities applied to the field of water, both where water resources and hydraulics works are concerned. It includes studies on the water resources such as rivers, water courses, groundwater, estuaries, coastal areas and the sea, hydraulic river structures such as dams and weirs, maritime hydraulic structures such as harbours, breakwaters and navigating paths, water supply, wastewater drainage and treatment, and solid waste. The organisation structure of the LNEC's Hydraulics Department consists mainly of seven sectors. The more relevant for this project is the Sanitary Engineering Division, which develops research activity in the domains of water distribution and treatment, urban drainage wastewater transport and treatment, solid waste management and environmental microbiology.


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