Assessing Infiltration and Exfiltration on the Performance of Urban Sewer Systems






Middlesex University



Middlesex University, Centre for Urban Pollution Research, London (United Kingdom)

Middlesex University is one of the UK's largest universities which specialises in the provision of applied research services. The Centre for Urban Pollution Research (UPRC) is an interdisciplinary unit bringing together staff with interests and experience in the scientific and technological aspects of water and air pollution.

The researchers involved in this project have an international record in the studies of the sources, processes, effects and control of urban water pollution with an emphasis on the properties of chemical and microbiological pollutants in urban water systems and their relation/interactions with sediment and impacts on the ecology of receiving waters. Recent research work has concentrated on water pollution control technologies with particular attention being directed to the development of environmentally sustainable treatment systems. Examples of interdisciplinary research include the interactions between urban pollution and human health, the use of Decision Support Systems for urban water management and the use of telematics to disseminate environmental data.


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